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The digital textbook for the Foundations Creative Art Course distills the core of what you need to know as an artist into ten chapters filled with lessons and demonstrations. You will start with the basics of pencil and Foundationsink and move on through painting, design, composition, perspective, and color. Topics include forms, texture, drawing the human figure and more.

The Foundations Curriculum

The Foundations curriculum design will enable you to master the tools and techniques you need to express yourself as an artist. Foundations content includes:

Chapter 1—The Basic Art Materials: Pencil and Ink
Pencil drawing • How to get different effects with pencil • Drawing in ink with pen and brush • Experiment with your pens • Drawing with brush and ink • Different tools, different effects

Chapter 2—The Basic Art Materials: Watercolor and Oil Painting
Tools for wash (transparent watercolor) painting • Basics of painting in wash • Demonstration: Painting still life in wash • Tools for opaque (non-transparent watercolor) painting • Various techniques of opaque painting • Demonstration: Painting landscape in opaque • Advice for watercolor painting • Handling oil paint • Arranging colors on your palette • Mixing colors • Using varied brush and knife strokes • Three steps for painting in oil • Painting in acrylics

Chapter 3—Basic Design
Design has many functions • Design is everywhere • Circle and square • Shape in terms of viewpoint • Giving variety to negative shapes • Design and observation • Design and imagination • Composition and action • Experiments in composition

Chapter 4—Composition
The four main elements of composition • Picture area • Applying common sense to composition • Depth • Use depth in an interesting way • Design in depth • Line • Using line to full advantage • Value • Plan with a few simple values • Creating a center of interest • Controlling values in a composition • Seven hints for composition

Chapter 5—Observation and Perspective
Light and dark shapes • Aerial perspective • Shape, value, and edge • Vantage points • Forms in depth • Two-point perspective • Drawing the circle • Compound forms • Reflection • Great artists and perspective

Chapter 6—Basics of Picture-Making: Form
What is Form? • How to Draw the Illusion of Form • Objects Have a Basic Form • Drawing the Basic Form • Combining the Basic Forms • Light and Shade • Solid Forms Make Good Pictures • Creating Realistic Forms • Creating Form in Space • Flat Shapes Show Form • Form Drawing Step by Step • Form in Perspective • Arranging Forms in Space • Making an Accurate Drawing

Chapter 7—Reproducing Texture
Creating Texture and Pattern • Variety of Form is Everywhere • Variety in textures • Repeated Forms • Texture and Mood • Effect of Distance • Pattern and Texture • Handling Texture • Applying the principles • Controlling Texture • Contrast in Textures • Drawn Textures • Contrast in Approaches • Five Artists Draw an Eagle • Texture Balance

Chapter 8—Effect of Color
An Introduction to Color • Three Dimensions of Color • One Color Affects Another • Color in Different Lights • Advancing and Receding Colors • Varied Effects of Color • Using What You Have Learned • Collage as a Trial Sketch

Chapter 9—Drawing the Human Figure
The Human Form • Contour Drawing • Gesture Drawing - Drawing Hands and Heads • Balance • Proportions • Form and Bulk • Modeling Weight and Bulk • The Basic Forms • Using the Gesture Drawing • Working with a Model

Chapter 10—Drawing the Head and Hands
Drawing the Head • Forms of the Head • Basics for Drawing the Head • Light and Shade on the Head • Male and Female Heads • Drawing Children • Gallery • The Expressive Hand • Construction and Action • Blocking in the Hand • Gallery • Hands in Pictures