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Our Faculty

FAS Co-founder Norman Rockwell

Since its founding, Famous Artists School has always relied on the advice and support of established, successful artists. Throughout the years, in a continuing tradition of excellence, the School has added new members to its Guiding and Instruction Faculty. These artists have contributed their fresh ideas and demonstrations to our teaching methods. This ensures that you will learn the most contemporary concepts and techniques, along with the sound, fundamental principles that must always underlie good art.

Our Instructors

Our FAS instructors are a varied group of individuals, each with his or her own specialties and strengths. Usually, one instructor will work with you through the first ten lessons of your Course.

Instructor Chance Browne

Chance Browne
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Robert “Chance” Browne is a comic strip artist and cartoonist, painter, and musician. The firstborn son of cartoonist Dik Browne (Hagar the Horrible, Hi and Lois), Chance grew up in Connecticut, in a home full of humor, warmth, and lots of art supplies.

He worked as an illustrator, art director, and musician before going to work with his father on Hi and Lois. Chance realized that having such a highly regarded cartoonist for a father was “kind of like being Picasso’s son. Why not study with the best? ... He was my hero.”

After his father’s death in 1989, Chance took over drawing this family comic strip.

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Instructor Hank McLaughlin

Hank McLaughlin

As an artist, Hank McLaughlin has a close relationship with nature. When choosing a subject to paint, he’s usually drawn to the natural world. But even though he tells his students that they’ll be more successful if they paint from nature, he reminds them that they don’t have to go on a camping trip to do it. As he says, “Go to the refrigerator and take out a couple of apples. That’s nature!”

That’s the kind of humorous, down-to-earth touch that characterizes both Hank’s approach to art and his work with students. He’s a well-rounded artist who is comfortable with a wide spectrum of mediums, from oil pastels, pencil, charcoal and pen and ink right through watercolor, acrylics, and oil paints. He’s even dabbled in sculpture and woodcarving.

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Our Guiding Faculty

Famous Artists School’s Guiding Faculty members contribute their fresh ideas and step-by-step demonstrations to our Courses, guaranteeing that you learn the most contemporary concepts and techniques along with the sound, fundamental principles that must underlie good art.

Here are the distinguished members of our Guiding Faculty. They are among the world’s foremost talents in the world of art. These artists have won numerous art honors, awards, and prizes. With such knowledge, experience, and integrity, it is understandable that so many art educators, painters and commercial artists consider Famous Artists Courses without peer in professional art education.

Guiding Faculty Mark English

Mark English

Mark English refuses to be bored. An artist of exceptional gifts, he has achieved one remarkable success after another. Driven by a need for excellence and an unending attraction to challenge and change, he has created an unparalleled body of work.

English was born in Hubbard, Texas, in 1933. His first job was picking cotton, but he worked his way out of the fields when he learned how to paint signs for visiting rodeos. He attended the University of Texas and graduated from The Art Center College in Los Angeles in 1960.

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Guiding Faculty Bernard Fuchs

Bernard Fuchs

The late Bernard Fuchs (1932-2009) was one of America’s foremost artists. Born in O’Fallon, Illinois, Bernie Fuchs grew up in the Midwest and attended Washington University in St. Louis, graduating with a degree from the School of Fine Arts.

After graduation, Bernie moved to New York City to pursue his career as a commercial illustrator and artist. His career took off. Bernie was named “Artist of the Year” by the Artists Guild of New York in 1962—by the time he turned 30. Also, he was the youngest artist ever to be elected to the “Hall of Fame” by the New York Society of Illustrators.

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Guiding Faculty Robert Heindel

robet Heindel

The late Robert Heindel (1938-2005) was one of the most illustrious graduates of Famous Artists School. In the last twenty years of his life, he became known as a modern-day Degas for his paintings evoking the many facets of the world of ballet.

He was fascinated by dancers because, combining body and brains, they “present the greatest vehicle for me to show what I want to show.” Heindel worked in oils, pastels, and conté crayons; his style communicates the power, the strength, and the breathless grace of his subjects, who are nearly always shown in rehearsal rather than in performance.

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Guiding Faculty Franklin McMahon

Franklin McMahon

The late Franklin McMahon (1921-2012) was an artist-reporter whose work took him all over the world. He worked directly from his subjects whenever possible, so his work has a look of on-the-spot credibility. He said, “The artist who draws directly on the site can see around corners, adding dimension to viewpoint, getting ideas, heightening reality.”

McMahon’s reportage ranged from long-term studies of Vatican and Papal activities (This Church, These Times), to television documentaries-in-art on tour with the Chicago Symphony, to Presidential politics and civil rights for the New York Times, Chicago Sun-Times, and other magazines and newspapers.

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Guiding Faculty: Charles Reid

Charles Reid

Charles Reid is an outstanding artist, teacher, and author known around the world and an alumnus of Famous Artists School. As a teenager, he was one of the youngest students ever accepted by FAS, and later served as an FAS instructor. He authored eight books on painting directed toward students at all levels.

His use of beautiful clean color and his capture of light create a look of freshness and spontaneity that immediately grabs your senses and brings you into his work. His drawing skills are masterful.

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