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Alumna Pam Rice

Pam RiceI believe I am a born artist. I’ve always known what I wanted to be: a designer like my father.

My first commercial venture was in high school, when I was commissioned to do portraits.  People actually paid me! My actual introduction to commercial art and design was through the Famous Artists School, which opened up a whole new world of light, shadow and perspective. I began the Famous Artists Course in my sophomore year of high school. The lessons were personal and never intimidating. The resources and tools were beautifully presented. The list of contributing artists and instructors was quite impressive. I knew immediately that this was going to be my major when I went to college. I also decided that commercial art was the direction, because the section on creating ads was my favorite.

After majoring in Advertising in Design and Visual Communication at the School of the Art Institute and Columbia College in Chicago, I began my design career in Philadelphia, but soon moved back to the Windy City. I am currently an award-winning free-lance graphic designer for advertising agencies and corporate clients in the Chicago area. But “fine art” is a deep and abiding passion.

In November 2005, I picked up my brushes after a thirty-year lull. In June 2006 I had my first one-woman exhibit of twenty paintings, of which over half were sold. It felt good to paint again. Two galleries have already showed interest in my work.

I reflect back on FAS and my experience. It was one of the navigating tools in my career as an artist. Take a moment to visit my website: www.pamricedesign.com.