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Alumnus Andries Hartholt

Andries Hartholt

I first learned about Famous Artists School more than 40 years ago in the Netherlands, when my dad took the Course. At that time, I was impressed by the drawings and paintings by Norman Rockwell, Harold von Schmidt, Albert Dorne, and Jon Whitcomb. I read many chapters of the textbooks and tried to paint the demonstrations. Many years later I took classes in still life oil painting at an art academy. Now I live in Germany, in the middle of a beautiful natural landscape, which inspired me to enroll in the FAS Oil and Watercolor Painting Master Course.

For me, art is a visual expression of feelings. I would rather interpret a scene by drawing or painting it than by taking a photograph. I enjoy using a wide range of materials such as pencil, colored pencil, watercolor, opaque watercolour, oil paint, and India ink with pen or brush.

It’s my experience that the strength of the Famous Artists Course is in the combination of the excellent textbooks and the personal instruction. The textbooks give information that is easy to understand about subjects such as three-dimensional shaping, line, color, composition, different techniques, and painting styles.

The value of the personal instruction is that the Instructor’s comments and suggestions lead you to see and understand aspects that you may have overlooked. The extensive letter from the Instructor gives useful suggestions which you can apply in the next Assignment. Especially helpful are the visual color suggestions on the overlay, which show how only a few small changes can improve your drawing or painting very much. Every time I received my Assignments back, it was a great surprise to see how much my paintings had been improved through the visual suggestions from my instructor Mr. McLaughlin. I was also glad that I was not pushed to paint in a certain direction or style.

Although I had chosen the Landscape Elective Course, after I finished with my last Assignments I decided to study the chapters about painting heads and figures. It was an experiment and took some time, but after a few failures I made some portraits. My artist friends were very enthusiastic. Isn’t that wonderful? I think it’s good to start by learning the basic principles and then discover new ways of expression later on. That’s the challenge of art. The Famous Artists Course offers students the opportunity to take that journey.

You can see more of Andries’s work at his websites: www.andries-hartholt-gemaelde.de and andries-hartholt.fineartamerica.com.

Work by Andries Hartholt