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Guiding Faculty Bernard Fuchs

Bernard Fuchs

The late Bernard Fuchs (1932-2009) was one of America’s foremost artists. Born in O’Fallon, Illinois, Bernie Fuchs grew up in the Midwest and attended Washington University in St. Louis, graduating with a degree from the School of Fine Arts.

After graduation, Bernie moved to New York City to pursue his career as a commercial illustrator and artist. His career took off. Bernie was named “Artist of the Year” by the Artists Guild of New York in 1962—by the time he turned 30. Also, he was the youngest artist ever to be elected to the “Hall of Fame” by the New York Society of Illustrators.

Bernie’s notable commissions included portraits of Presidents John F. Kennedy, now in the Kennedy Library permanent collection, and Lyndon Johnson, as well as Ted Koppel and Jack Nicklaus. He was a recipient of more than 100 awards, including the prestigious Hamilton King Award.

imageIn 1992, Bernie was named Sports Artist of the Year by the United States Sports Academy. In 1996, his prints from Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis’s private collection were sold at auction in New York. In 1998, he was commissioned by the U.S. Postal Service to design four U.S. Postage stamps

His work for almost every major magazine from Sports Illustrated to The New Yorker earned him a high degree of recognition worldwide. His overwhelming impact on the field of communication arts is legendary.

Bernie’s impressive body of work focused on historical and sports themes including limited edition prints for the PGA World Hall of Fame. His solo exhibits included works on equine art, jazz and golf, and have been displayed throughout the world.

Bernie’s most recent exhibits included galleries in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, Scottsdale, Telluride, CO, Palm Beach, London and Los Angeles.

A combination of realistic drawing and impressionistic painting, a spontaneous and varied use of light afford the viewer a source of endless pleasure. Bernie’s paintings are richly detailed and built on a foundation of suberb drawing. They reflect the artist’s great fascination with sunlight and the way it illuminates all things.