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Guiding Faculty Franklin McMahon

Franklin McMahon

The late Franklin McMahon (1921-2012) was an artist-reporter whose work took him all over the world. He worked directly from his subjects whenever possible, so his work has a look of on-the-spot credibility. He said, “The artist who draws directly on the site can see around corners, adding dimension to viewpoint, getting ideas, heightening reality.”

McMahon’s reportage ranged from long-term studies of Vatican and Papal activities (This Church, These Times), to television documentaries-in-art on tour with the Chicago Symphony, to Presidential politics and civil rights for the New York Times, Chicago Sun-Times, and other magazines and newspapers.


He has also created stories and drawings on travel for Pioneer Press and National Geographic Traveler. In recognition of his many talents, the Artists Guild of New York chose him as “Artist of the Year” in 1963, and the Society of Illustrators elected him to its Hall of Fame in 2001.

To see more examples of Franklin McMahon’s work, please visit www.gallerymcmahon.com, www.mcmahonartgallery.com; and www.corbis.com.

Franklin McMahon and his wife, Irene, produced a number of artistic offspring. The younger McMahons’ work can be seen at www.sculpturemcmahon.com, www.digimage.net, and www.chelseamarket.com.