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On Inspiration

Illustration by Dolph LeMoult

Illustration by Dolph LeMoult

Instructor Dolph LeMoult talks about inspiration:

First: Not everything I paint or draw will be good. There will be days (sometimes many in a row) when nothing works. It will seem that, no matter how hard I try, things just seem to get worse—and it seems as if that slump will never end. Not true: In over forty years of experiencing those dreadful times, I have always pulled out of them, most of the time for no good reason.

Second: If I stand at the drawing board or easel expecting to miraculously come up with an inspired idea I’ll be sorely disappointed. My most successful work has been the result of trial and error, of frustration and persistence, and, more often than not, the happy accidents that seem to occur to all of us when we put pencil, pen, and brush to a surface.

So my advice to anyone who feels inadequate because he or she is not miraculously inspired is: stick to it. Work when everything you do seems awful; when you’re convinced that you haven’t got what it takes to be an artist. Believe me, you’ll work your way through it and one of those happy accidents will happen to you, and you’ll look at it in disbelief and wonder. And you’ll be an artist, and take it from me, there’s no better thing to be in the whole wide world.